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Monday, March 16 2020

Managing a Crisis of Facts, Fear and FictionLike every other organization in and around the Chicago area -and everywhere else in the world, the Connexion team is navigating through uncharted waters with the onset of Covid-19. 

Again, like most organizations, we have created content on our website addressing the concerns and fallout of this virus. Our purpose in posting our Covid-19 page was to provide a quick reference to any visitors to our site conducting research on our products and services or simply shopping. 

Since our beginning (2007), (and long before our current ecommerce site), Connexion has used its website as a means to communicate information to our market. Mostly, these communications involved issues with impact across multiple markets - for example: "The Phase Out of T12 lamps", "Rare Earth Shortages" and "Ballast Shortages". While these issues pale in comparison with the Covid-19 pandemic, what remains similar is the proliferation of misinformation, myths and half-truths. On our Covid-19 page, we debunk some of these myths (through a resource provided by The World Health Organization). 

While continuing my research on Covid-19, I came across this "Myth vs. Fact" page from John Hopkins University. Here are some of the myths they debunk:

  1. TRUE or FALSE? You can protect yourself from COVID-19 by swallowing or gargling with bleach, taking acetic acid or steroids, or using essential oils, salt water, ethanol or other substances.
  2. TRUE or FALSE? The new coronavirus was deliberately created or released by people.

Thankfully, both of these are false. This illustrates though the absurdity and unfortunately the type of rampant misinformation that healthcare professionals need to debunk (instead of working on slowing or stopping this virus).

As we all continue trying to find our way through these murky, uncharted waters, it's important to remember to wash your hands, Stay Calm and rely on information from trustworthy sources:

Hoping for smoother sailing soon!

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